Hello! here, webmaster for the new 2TA3 page! Initially concieved just before the Science test, it gives us classmates a link and a touchstone to contact each other, even in the future.

Other than that, we can use this page for arranging TCP/IP or modem games over the net! Later, I just might add links, jokes, a message board,the class roster, teachers' stuff or whatever. But, one thing at a time. First, if you are in our class, please mail me your name, particulars(optional) and E-mail address. Once I have a few addresses, I'll start an address book.

Remember, this site is still officially

I also look forward to recruiting a few classmates to help me. If you're interested, please mail me!

Feel free to save or use any of these animated gifs or any stuff on this website.


GOOD NEWS !! (at least for me, that is) and have agreed to help

Please direct any comments or suggestions (or whatever) to class2ta3@hotmail.com

I have an alternate, rarely-checked E-mail address at 2TA3@fcmail.com .